*Royds* $150 Urgent! …. Rehomed 😊😊😊

Royds is our longest resident here at Brisbane Equine, he has served the Wagners very well over the past 12 years, Royds primary roll here was to muster the cattle. Point him anywhere and he will go. He isn’t a horse that needs regular riding, you can ride him away from the others and he won’t fight you. Royds is an aged horse, I would say late teens to early 20’s, approx 14.2hh, is isn’t fair on him to be working cattle on the huge hills here at Kilcoy, so we are hoping there is a loving home awaiting this sweet boy

Royds is very easy to handle, he loves attention and absolutely loves his carrots, He isn’t a horse for beginners or nervous riders, Royds is a very foward moving horse, quick and stable on his feet, can be a little hard to pull up when he is chasing his cows. Don’t let his age fool you, he has plenty! of energy and lots of love to give.

Unfortunately the drought has left us with very minimal grass. He needs to go, please share Royds ad, fingers crossed he can find a good home very soon!