*Fidget* $450

Fidget has been here at Brisbane Equine Rehoming for 8 months, He has been ridden out on trails in a group with no problems at all. He certainly is a favorite, Fidge is in his late teens approx 15hh, A super smooth and easy horse to ride, …… wait till you sit his canter! 😍 Doesn’t seem to mind riding away from his friends, Fidge would suit a family that wants a trail ride horse/farm horse etc. I don’t think he would be up for extreme work. He doesn’t need regular riding,

He came here in light condition over the summer period and has held up pretty well considering the paddocks state at moment, but we would love to see him in a home being loved rugged and fed. He hangs around the house on his own and sometimes he mingles with the others.

Fidget is a pure gentleman! Please help Fidge find a home!!!