Greg Wagner

Greg Wagner: The Man behind the dream. Greg is a 4th generation cattle and horsemen. Starting life on a dairy farm in Kobble Creek, he then began buying and selling horses and livestock with his Dad Allan at their property on the Northside of Brisbane. Recently they took the plunge and brought a beautiful 500 acre property on the rolling hills of Mt Kilcoy to further expand the business and be able to offer more chances to more horses. Between these two there is a lifetime of horse knowledge and while they donโ€™t presume to know everything and are always learning new things, the experience they share offers the horses at Brisbane Equine and Rehoming the best second chance they could want. Using proven and gentle techniques the horses taken into our care are selected based on Gregโ€™s selection criteria and each and everyone one of them are tried and tested by our team and offered for sale at a fair price, with honest and credible information. Gregโ€™s drive for all things horses has seen him put together a team of passionate horse people who help run and care for the horses in our care. Katherine, Tyler, Amanda and Donna all have unique skills and experience that help make Brisbane Equine and Rehoming the successful centre it is.