Katherine Petho


The beauty, heart and brains of BER.

Looking to purchase a pony many years ago Katherine stumbled across what was at the time a dogger seller. Not being one to let any horses fate be made without a fight Katherine and Greg devised a plan in which she could help save these horses from slaughter and Brisbane Equine Rehoming was officially formed about 10 years ago.

Growing up Katherine got her first pony at 12 years old and had a very successful equine career showjumping and hacking. She also worked as a strapper at the Dandenong racetrack. Unfortunately after a serious accident she stopped riding for a while and moving to sunny Queensland where she found a new love and began to breed and show her Friesians, even taking some to the Royal Show.

Now with (and we are all biased)the cutest little son in the world Katherine trail rides and spends her free time as the photographer and managing the BER Facebook page and website.

She is the honest, friendly person you talk too about all our horses first.