Our Story

Brisbane Equine has been rehoming horses since 2008,

Originally at Nundah Brisbane (outskirt suburb of the city)

The Wagners were mainly meat buyers and cattlemen, rehoming only a handful of horses which were advertised in the Weekly Times and gumtree.

In 2008 I met Greg after I contacted him through an ad about a pony, at this time is when I understood he was taking 8 tb horses to the knackery, nervously asked him if I could find homes for them before he took them up, jokingly he laughed, “you wont be able to find 8 homes! nobody wants tbโ€™s,”….. well it took me a week and they all found loving homes.

From there we became great friends with an understanding of our differences. During this time many horses and ponies were saved and a few were lost.

This is when Brisbane Equine Rehoming was Born

Over the years a lot has changed! Happily to say its been a long time since any of his horses has been sent to slaughter, Greg has grown to become passionate about his horses, He now buys โ€œagainstโ€ the other meat buyers to give them that extra chance in find loving homes. There is always that chance if no home is found, ………well……….. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We are now located in the beautiful outskirts of Kilcoy on 500 green rolling acres, plenty of room for the horses with many dams located around the property.

Greg, Amanda, Donna, Tyler and myself (Katherine) we would like to welcome you to BRISBANE EQUINE REHOMING!