Sassy tb mare

Are you bored of the same quiet push button horse, do you need some sass in your life?

Then you need this fiery red headed lady! She has many names here at BER, Bi#ch Face is one of them.

Sweet to cuddle and handle, but then the devil comes out when you want to ride.

She will pin her ears back when mounting, most of the ride she has her bi#ch mask on.

We think she pretty cute though, we do love her, most people actually like riding her.

Have given her a good 5 months off, being a horse on 400 grassy acres, but she is still the same, has held her weight well with no processed feeds.

Sassy is a tb mare 16yo approx 15.2hh. She was previously used for pony club sporting days with a teenager. (it was always go go go, the faster the better) she is learning how to turn that notch down here at BER, showing her it is ok to walk though she does like showing off her strength and stamina to the young ones here.

Sass is responsive under saddle, super comfy canter, …. even if its sideways… maybe she wants to be a dressage horse πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ will do what you ask, she is just a very forward mare. Hasn’t bucked, bolt, kicked or bitten while here.

Anyway, its time to find her a home who will love her the way she is.

Experienced rider

Located Mt Kilcoy